Seeking Suggestions

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Seeking Suggestions

Post by LadyOfPeace » Tue Oct 30, 2018 6:45 pm

Since we all are patiently awaiting the game to at least come out in Alpha. I've been asked to create a thread and ask for suggestions of the Battle Cry comments the pets/characters give at the end of the fight. The little dialogue bubble that appears with sayings. We would like to update that part as well. Tedious work is going on right now. Might seem trivial, but it is at least happening. And we wanted to include some of you to at least add your ideas on what you would like to see.

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Re: Seeking Suggestions

Post by venomz » Wed Oct 31, 2018 5:18 pm

Just a few things off the top of my head
Hm? Is it over already?
Break time!!
Why did I even bother
Try again never
Cultivate harder

I'm not sure if it's possible to code in different phrases based on levels/evolutionary stages as well but just throwing it out there
Am I dead!?
I am strong!!
Pft, piece of cake
Round 2, right now
That was close!!
I have to work harder...

Well that was all right
This is just the beginning...
Am I on the right path...?
How long will this take?

Don't waste your life here, young one
I'm almost there..!
I didn't come this far alone
This doesn't feel like the peak yet

1201-1400/1500 (iirc 1400/1500 possible only for PRG and 1500 for non evolutionary lines)
Ho ho ho, not bad
Not about to be beaten by a whippersnapper
Practice, practice, practice
This is what it means to reach the pinnacle
Thank you master, it has been a long journey

General idea is that phrases in the early stages are more timid/arrogant/fearful, with it becoming more confident/humble or maybe even lost in the middle stages and with the final stages being humble yet confident, strong and perhaps event impart wisdom/guidance. Other things I can think of include lines based on species. I might be wrong but I remember certain monsters being mortal enemies of each other so that can be taken into consideration as well.

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Re: Seeking Suggestions

Post by SycoTheGreat » Tue Nov 20, 2018 9:37 am

Heya Venomz.

They are some great suggestions thank you!.

We do in fact intend on changing the entire lore of the game, adding a back story and adding more substance to the game as a whole, so these suggestions are great and I will forward them to the dev team. who knows maybe some of these phrases will indeed be added. I do like the progresiveness of the phrases. Thank you again for the sugestion and feel free to suggest anything else on your mind, we are open to any ideas. Of course we make no promises other than all suggestions will be taken onboard.

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Re: Seeking Suggestions

Post by venomz » Sun Dec 09, 2018 4:58 pm

Hey there Syco, no worries. Most of it was just random stuff that popped up in my head so it's not like I put much effort into it. I'm not sure if what I'm about to say can be considered as suggestions because they are mostly thoughts/impressions, if not complaints, that I've had. I'll leave it to the dev team to decide what to make of it. Also, Alpha 1 is going to start soon so any concerns that I have could be in vain as it might've already been addressed.

I do have a few thoughts regarding the game. One of the first being...

Tests - Every God/Devil past Junior rank has to take them every 100 levels in order to continue leveling. The interval becomes 400 once you hit master, which is why there are people who go for master first before even starting on their 50GR because it's less of a pain but even then, still a pain. It is really doing more harm than good because during the first Junior-Super cycle of that character, chances are you are gearing up, culting, working on 50GR, fire quest etc., those parts of the game take up a lot of time by themselves already, there really is nothing endearing about having stumbling blocks thrown in your path when you're already crawling on the ground. I understand that it's designed that way to slow progression to probably encourage microtransactions or something but is there really a point when there's a bot that automates everything?

Bots - I know Chris Pollack said that the bots will be incorporated into the client so that there's no need for 3rd party programs. However, there is something I'd like to bring up. About 2 years back, the nostalgia bug for MnM bit me and I dived back into the game after learning that the Chinese servers were still up with a few people who saw my message on YT. One of them managed to find a different genius bot than the one we were familiar with. It was largely similar, only difference was that it wouldn't jump back to the nurse once pots ran out. Instead, it would directly open up the doctor menu and directly buy pots from the map we were in. Didn't talk to any npc, it just opened up the menu. This is way better than the genius bot most of us were familiar with because not only does it save time from switching between maps, it also eliminated the issue of getting stuck while transitioning between maps due to lag. So I'm not sure if it's possible for him to replicate that function for the genius bot that will be incorporated. Unfortunately, I don't have said bot any more as I deleted it when I stopped playing the Chinese server due to disconnection issues and some of their maps being traps due to not having exit mapped properly.

The other thing being the automation scripts provided when used in conjunction with the HLHL bot. In Hill City grocery, or the place where the guy who sells fireworks. There are characters there who are running scripts to join a team the moment someone creates it. Every few minutes or so, you will see someone come in, create a team, rein and disappear. Yes, the whole process of culting is automated. I knew that there were people doing something similar back then but the reining part from what I knew, was still done manually. I also never understood what 90% of the hlhl scripts did due to not being able to get them to work so my knowledge regarding that area is lacking. So I'm wondering if we can expect something similar. Don't misunderstand though, I'm not making demands, I'm fine with even just the basic HLHL, just sharing what I saw and what's out there, if you will.

Getting good GR base pets - This issue bugged me the entire time I was playing the game. Why was it that there were no alternative methods to get certain pets, especially those that had super pet evolutions like Youdragon, Ping Pong FIsh etc. and for those that require special currencies to do so, why were their GR terrible? Ball fish comes to mind. I'm not sure if you could get Ball fish from the Zoo but you could certainly get it from the Virtue shop, which cost like 15k or something. I got one for the land of dreams server and it ended up being something like 4.5GR, which isn't that good. This shouldn't be, considering the fact that virtue is one of the most troublesome things to grind.

This is all I have for now, sorry for the wall of text and any errors as I ended up typing this half asleep halfway through.

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Re: Seeking Suggestions

Post by SycoTheGreat » Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:47 pm

Heya venomz.

Tests we will have to go over and discuss, we have a lot of things we plan to change and will address everything much more during alpha once we start getting al the feedback coming in.

Bots we intend to use to compliement the game, rather than fully automate everything, we hope to take what the bots did and make them in some way part of the game with the intention of making things easier and smoother, but not with the intentions that they do everything for you. we want to make this game commercial so we have to leave some work in there :), as for the new Genius, just opening up the shop from anywhere isn't ideal, but what we have discussed is having "trainee nurses" across some of the maps which will help you along the way, usually being able to help you heal your pet and yourself. and possibly being able to help you keep track of your pets GR, and possibly other options too, which will eliminate some of that travelling.

I wouldn't worry about what hlhl did or didn't do, we are trying to move completely away from any 3rd party programmes being used, of course some people will still try to have things to over simplify the game for them, but our intention is to logically add into the client it's self what is needed to make the experience better for everyone.

GR Based pets has been discussed alot, it's something that an open dialogue will be there for everyone to discuss and for us to make changes when needed, we don't intend to just hand everything to everyone, work and effort will be needed. but I agree some GR's need to and will be looked at :). for example, Cindyflies being the only pet to get to help make that 50GR will change, we will open up other options, this will take time of course but it is something we have discussed and will correct.

I hope this helped mate, the thing you want to take from this is, we all played the game, we are gamers in general and understand that it sucks when there is no open dialogue, we hope to correct that here, we will listen and respond to the community, we of course won't please everyone, you can't make everyone happy all of the time, but we will certainly try our best :)


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