Limits items

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Limits items

Post by ido619 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:10 am

hello monster and me fans

Monster&me was the first Online game that i played, i was very young when i first played it and a lot of stuff as being
I'm looking for some info about wuxing limit items to help find bugs and for improve the wuxing guide.
so any info on how to get the limits items?, what lvl should i be to start farming them?, or could i get them from quest/store?
or any piss of information that you could think about will be great help for me.

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Re: Limits items

Post by venomz » Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:17 am

Limit items are something you wux yourself. I do not know of any quest/shop that gave/sold it in the original game. There's no level requirement to start making them since you can start as long as you have more than 1519 wuxing points. They are basically equipment that had the max possible stats you can wux up to without any penalties in other stats. The base item that people usually start from is the cheapest version of that equipment you can buy from the blacksmith which you then slowly wux up from there.

For armour, if I'm not wrong, you put the main item at 11 o clock, hallucinogen at 12, and the rest with pricklers(the cheapest dart from blacksmith)
For shoe, main item goes to 9 o clock, hallucinogen at 12, rest with pricklers

Not sure about the rest, hope this helped

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