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Post by LadyOfPeace » Thu Jan 17, 2019 1:59 pm

Just want to give you all a heads up on things in the forum since activity is about to ramp up more with the ALPHA of game starting, once all the things are sorted.

Due to the rampant onslaught of BOTS trying to invade us. The forum has implemented that a certain amount of posts must be approved before you can freely POST. I truly understand this can be annoying as you like to see your post immediately. And it has hindered some free-flowing conversations and some think their first postings have not gone through. Again sorry for any issues this might have caused.

YES, as one has already pointed out that I did not see a comment as being a possible BOT. Turns out it was. So please if you see a out of place comment that has been approved, feel free to report and I will verify.

Thank you all.

Happy Gaming.
~~Blessed Be to all "Returning" members of Monster and Me.
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