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Items being worked on (last update 04/08/19)

Reborn pass Fire Quest Adding 3.0 sprites into this (2.5) version Translating the remaining Chinese (@@@ text) into English Skeleton quest

2 August 4, 2019
Latest patch details

2019-07-29: metal super pet saurs updated to 3.0 2019-07-26: introduce SuperPhoenix 2019-07-11: updated Giants to 3.0 sprites 2019-07-10: dragon evolution line 3.0 sprites 2019-07-05: includes updated turtle 3.0 animati…

2 July 29, 2019
Ingame fixes list

[23/06/19] Housing has been fixed [21/06/19] Demonic army questline (TaoistStar) has been completed [21/06/19] Converting from God to Devil questline changed a bit. Need AmrittaPill instead of Rein Pill now Devils can n…

2 July 29, 2019
About the Announcements category 2 April 3, 2019
Welcome to the M&M: Reunited forum!

It’s been a long time but we are finally launching Alpha. It’s actually been nearly a year when we started on this project. Please bare in mind that this is Alpha stage and a lot of things ingame aren’t working properly…

2 March 30, 2019
HLHL Reborn Supporting files 7 October 24, 2019
Governor Lang is proud to announce a new addition to New Hill City, the Rune Emporium! 1 October 22, 2019
Development Update 1 2 October 20, 2019
Updated info on client/game 2 August 20, 2019
Dev server launches! 2 April 17, 2019
Please join our FB page or join our Discord server! 3 April 17, 2019